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Practice Areas

Israeli Desk

The Israeli Desk of the Office is comprised by lawyers and partners that have strong bonds with the Israeli culture. Putting our regular visits to Israel together with the experience that members of our team have from effectively working in Israel, we are able to provide our clients with personalized counsel in legal and cultural terms. We know the most common difficulties that an Israeli company has to face when trying to penetrate the Brazilian market, as well as are familiar with the main differences between doing business in Brazil and in Israel, so that we can make this proceeding easier to each client.

We have been advising and structuring the businesses of Israeli entrepreneurs, investors and financial institutions in its entrance into Brazil. Further, we counsel in fundraising, protection of intellectual property and the execution of agreements with other players of the Brazilian market.

Our differential, however, is not limited to our knowledge of the Israel culture and legal system; due to the fact that we are a full service law office, we are able to offer complete, personalized and deep knowledge t our clients from the different business segments.

Further, to Israeli startups that try to penetrate the market, we have a team specialized in hi-tech venture capital, that is very used to both the Brazilian and Israeli ecosystem, as well as with the dynamic of a startup, which is certainly different than that of a big corporation.


We have been providing legal counsel to Israeli clients, as well as some of our lawyers have worked in Israel with Israeli law.

We are partners to several initiatives to develop partnerships between Israel and Brazil, such as the initiative organized by APEX, ABVCAP and the Israeli Ministry of Economy to assist Israeli startups in coming to Brazil and scaling up its business, called ScaleUp in Brazil.