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The Government Procurement Review 2019



The Brazilian Constitution establishes that, as a rule, all purchases and sales made and all services and works hired by the public administration shall be preceded by a public bid. Federal Law 8,666/1993, which must be observed by all three branches of government, sets forth the general framework applicable to all public bids in the country. The Constitution also establishes principles by which the Brazilian public administration is bound: legality, impersonality, morality, publicity and efficiency. Federal Law 8,666/1993 added to these the concepts of ‘strict adherence to the request for proposal’ (RFP), and ‘objective judgement’ as principles that must be observed in public bids. As a consequence, the winning bidder is not the only entity legally attached to the terms and conditions set forth in the RFP: the administration is also forbidden to deviate from its terms throughout the tender process and the subsequent execution of the contract awarded thereby.

Chapter avaiable in PDF bellow.