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The Corporate Immigration Review - Brazil Chapter - 7ª Edição

Chapter 4 - BRAZIL
Maria Luisa Soter and Gabriela Lessa


Brazil is a country with a population of approximately 207 million.2 Immigration has been essential for the development of Brazil and it is still considered a key factor for the future of the country.

Recognising the importance of immigration, new policies aim to make the process faster and easier for foreigners to come to Brazil. Accordingly, in the past three years new procedures have been introduced to expedite and facilitate the granting of certain work visas, and also to grant immediate residence in the case of some applications reuniting families and under the Mercosur Agreement, and a new bill on immigration has just been approved.

Taking into account the restriction on immigration in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, Brazil becomes an opportunity due to its current rules that not only allow, but, moreover, incentivise, foreigners to study and work in the country.

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